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Luxy Jewelry Care Guide

316L Stainless steel 18k gold plated Jewelry care & protection.

Luxy Jewelry

Craftsmanship & Materials

Luxy Jewelry main material is 316L stainless steel with an 18k gold plating.
Material / Plating info : Anti-rust | Tarnish-free | Hypoallergenic

With proper care, Luxy jewelry is crafted to last, embodying sophistication and timeless elegance.

Luxy also makes use of Enamel, high quality Grade Cubic Zirconia, Moissanite, Freshwater pearls, Imitation pearls, Semi-Gemstones.

Day to Day Care

To preserve the 18k gold PVD plating of your Luxy jewelry , avoid exposure to household bleach and other cleaning products, which will quickly cause gold plating to discolor and possibly disintegrate. Luxy recommends that you store your gold jewelry in a safe place when engaging in such activities:

  • Household and outdoor chores (i.e., cleaning and gardening)
  • Showering, bathing or swimming in pools, hot tubs, hot springs and the ocean.
  • Using lotion, hair products, fragrances and other cosmetics.
  • Exercising at the gym or during contact sports.
  • Preparing meals.

While not worn, Luxy recommends that you place your Gold plated / 925 sterling jewelry in the provided Luxy Collections Silk pouch for safekeeping.


After Use Care

How to clean & protect after using

  • Step1, Wipe your jewelry

To remove body oils and soil, use our the Luxy jewelry cloth to wipe down gold-plated jewelry after each wearing.

  • Step 2, Create a Cleaning Solution.

If the jewelry has visible oil or feels sticky, it should be cleaned with a warm, soapy solution. In a small bowl, mix one cup of warm water and two to three drops of dish washing liquid.

  • Step 3, Soak the Jewelry

Place the jewellery in the cleaning solution and soak for about 2 minutes. Clean only one or two pieces at a time to prevent scratching.

If your jewelry contains any Enamel/Gemstones/Freshwater pearls/imitation pearls/Moissanite/Cubic zircon it can be rinsed on running water for 5-10seconds.

Luxy strongly suggests not to soak above mentioned jewelry into soapy water, instead use the Luxy Jewelry polish cloth to wipe down your jewelry. Make sure after you rinse your jewelry wipe down with soft paper towel then use the Luxy polish cloth as a final touch (Do not touch any water with our the Luxy cloth as it will remove the polishers on the cloth) after polishing put it back in a safe place in a such as a Jewelry Pouch or box.

The Luxy polish cloth can be used as much as 80-120 times before starting to loose it's effectiveness (tested by the Luxy team) 

Luxy 925 Sterling Silver Care

Rinse your Luxy 925 Sterling silver by hand in warm, sudsy water as soon as possible after use.  hand-dry immediately use soft paper towel. then use the Luxy polish cloth for the final touch and store it in the Luxy silk pouch to protect it against humidity if well taken care of it will last for a long time.

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