Accu 18650 25R Samsung 2500mAh

Accu 18650 25R Samsung 2500mAh


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The SAMSUNG INR 18650 25R 35A battery is without a shadow of a doubt the most requested battery by vapers. This 2500 mah accumulator ensures considerable autonomy for all users of electronic cigarettes, even if the power applied is high.

Thanks to its maximum continuous discharge current of 35A, the Samsung battery is perfectly compatible with electronic boxes and mechanical mods. In addition to its amps, there is a particularly stable INR chemistry which has proven itself: maximum safety!

Equipped with a flat positive pole, the 18650 25R battery from Samsung can be installed in the majority of electronic cigarettes, whether intended for single, double, triple or quadruple batteries. With Samsung nothing is impossible!

Through, the 25R Samsung confirms that it is one of the great leaders of batteries for electronic cigarettes. Lightweight and offering a high discharge current, the Samsung 25R 18650 battery is the accessory to have to hope to be able to enjoy your mod or your box serenely.

To know everything about batteries, do not hesitate to read our guide on the precautions to take with a battery!

SAMSUNG certified product.