Dinner Lady V8 - Berry Blast - 800 Puffs - 2% Nicotine

Dinner Lady V8 – Berry Blast – 800 Puffs – 2% Nicotine


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Dinner Lady arrives with a single-use puff that stands out for its generosity! Capable of delivering up to 800 puffs thanks to a built-in 500mAh battery, Dinner Lady’s disposable electronic cigarette is for all vapers whether beginners or experts.

The Vape Pen V800 Dinner Lady is topped with a 2ml tank. Generous and robust, this cartridge comes with delicious e-liquids with nicotine salts. Thanks to these juices, users will be able to wean themselves gently while enjoying frank and captivating flavors. To top it off, the Vape Pen V800 offers easy use. No button is present and a simple draw is enough to trigger the device. With this disposable puff, Dinner Lady makes quality vaping accessible to everyone!

A liquid with nicotine salts offers a smoother hit in the throat and therefore allows you to vape with a higher rate of nicotine. 

2% Nicotine.

Berry Blast Flavor.