Vapi One - Bonbons Colorés (Colorful Candies) - 600 Puffs - 2% Nicotine

Vapi One – Bonbons Colorés (Colorful Candies) – 600 Puffs – 2% Nicotine


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It’s Vapi One’s turn to enter the world of single-use electronic cigarettes. Equipped with an integrated 500 mah battery, the puff Vapi One can boast of offering the equivalent of 600 puffs. With this disposable e-cigarette, vapers, whether beginners or experts, will be able to have an effective and generous puff.

On the top of its disposable puff, Vapi One has placed a 2ml capacity cartridge. The latter contains succulent e-liquids with nicotine salts: a great opportunity to wean yourself gently. To allow all users to easily enjoy the puff, Vapi One has played the card of simplicity. The single-use electronic cigarette takes care of everything: vapers will simply have to inhale to trigger the heating of the resistance!
With this disposable puff, Vapi One imposes itself in the world of single-use e-cigarettes and democratizes the vape!
A liquid with nicotine salts offers a smoother hit in the throat and therefore allows you to vape with a higher rate of nicotine. Nicotine salts are assimilated more quickly by the body, which allows you to wean off serenely.